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Wireless Accessories - Prepaid Phone Payments

Sparkles Wireless offers the widest variety of wireless and cell phone accessories and services in the College Point, Whitestone, and Malba neighborhoods. We're truly Northern Queens' one-stop shop for all your wireless needs.


Cell Phone and Smart Phone Sales

Sparkles carries a wide variety of new and used cell phones and smart phones to fit anyone's needs, lifestyle, and budget. We carry phones for all providers, as well as unlocked GSM and CDMA phones. Our selection includes:


Cell Phone Accessories

We stock College Point's widest variety of cell phone and wireless accessories, including:


Cell Phone Unlocking Service

At Sparkles Wireless, we can unlock most mobile phones right here in the store, while you wait. Unlocking a phone allows you to use it on carriers other than the one it was originally branded for, provided that the other carrier uses the same system (CDMA or GSM).


Cell Phone Repairs

Sparkles Wireless provides repair services for most popular cell phones, including replacing broken or scratched screens, troubleshooting connection problems, diagnosing freezes or lock-ups, and performing master resets.


Phone Data Transfer and Privacy Wiping

If you are replacing your cell phone, Sparkles can help you transfer your data, contacts, pictures, and so forth from the old phone to the new one, as well as remove the data from your old phone so you can safely sell it, donate it, or discard it.


Prepaid Cell Phone Payments and Other Payment Services

We can accept payments for almost all cell phone bills right here in the store, including Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, Red Pocket, Virgin Mobile, and most others. We also can accept payments for many other bills including Time Warner, Verizon (land-line phone bills), Con Edison and many others. (Please note that we can not accept payment for MetroPCS at this time.)

Please call first if the company you need to pay is not listed here. Also, when coming in to pay a bill, please bring your bill or statement if you have it, or at least your account number. Some companies may also require a PIN or password.

Please contact us for more information.

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